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Electric Revival is the rock band a generation of listeners have been waiting for.  Fronted by Swedish guitar phenom and vocalist Andreas Amnell, the international collective has began taking Los Angeles by storm since the release of their 2020 EP.  Since then, they have established themselves as one of the most vital young bands in the scene.


The group was originally formed by Amnell and pianist Lisa Skyler under the name ‘Burn Down Hollywood.’  Their debut single ‘City Of Angels’ set them on the path to rock greatness, but the timing was poor, as it was released just weeks before the 2020 lockdowns.  However, the band showed incredible resilience, using the time to hone their craft, dig into their storytelling, and create a deeply personal yet universally relatable brand of hard rock.


With their latest songs, Electric Revival has fully realized their potential.  Blending classic rock swagger, classical grandeur, and an eagerness to explore new sonic territory, they have become one of the most unique acts in their genre.  With a steady stream of new material and an increasingly busy touring schedule, they are poised to leave a lasting legacy.

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