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Andreas Amnell

Andreas Amnell
Vocals & Guitar


A swedish guitar phenom and creative songwriter, Andreas Amnell is the frontman of Electric Revival.

Having played in several bands over the last decade, where he gained enough success to play at the biggest rock festival in Scandinavia, opening for acts like Slash, Toto, Motley Crue and Def Leppard, and getting over 100 000 streams on an album where he was the main songwriter, Amnell's finally decided to take the front and center on stage while still keeping true to his testament as a six string wizard.
His playing mends the styles of guitar players like rock legend Slash, blues-rock titan Joe Bonamassa, the supernatural Jimmy Page,

the innovative Tom Morello, and Sweden's groove king Conny Bloom.
Vocalists that inspires Amnell includes Myles Kennedy, Glenn Hughes,

Axl Rose, Robert Plant, Steven Tyler and Sweden's Erik Gronwall.
As a lyricist, Andreas takes inspiration from real life experiences and brings them to life through his songs, telling of his experiences in

Los Angeles.

Lisa Skyler

Originating from Virginia Beach,

Lisa Skyler is an award winning and classically trained pianist. She started out at a young age, attending many competitions as she grew and gained experience playing in hotels, convention centers, ensembles for festivals and many other places. 
She is now diversifying, extending herself as a keyboardist in a

hard rock setting for Electric Revival.

With influences from keyboard players such as Tuomas Holopainen from Nightwish, Within Temptation's Martijn Spierenburg, Jona Tee from Swedish H.E.A.T., but also composer's like Yanni, Hans Zimmer, Alexandre Desplat and John Williams she brings the E in EPIC to this four-piece!

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Kostas Siozos


Kostas is a greek born bass player, who made his way over to Los Angeles in the fall of 2019. He started playing Bass at the age of 16. An experienced session player and live performer, Kostas toured nationally throughout Greece many times with his former band Heritage, where they played both as headliners, and supported names like Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne),

Mats Leven (Yngwie Malmsteen), Holocaust, and Sasquatch. Ranging from small clubs to huge festivals, they gained great success nationally

as a force to be reckoned with. Because of his unique playing style, a lot of webzines described Siozos as the Greek “Geezer Butler”.
Kostas' playing takes influence from Cliff Burton, Steve Harris, John Paul Jones, the aforementioned Geezer Butler and Roger Waters.

Kostas is endorsed by Spector Basses, Providence LTD, Hipshot Products, Jam Pedals, Richter Straps, Earthquaker Devices & Nordstrand Audio.

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